Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lilly Opening her Gifts

Lilly Loved opening her Gifts at her party she was having so much fun!! Her cousin Bryn was helping her and Lilly was going to open a gift and Bryn tried opeing the gift and Lilly said NO STOP hubbbie and i just couldnt help but to Laugh it was such a fun and Very HOT day too! I know Miss Lilly had a fun time too so thats all that mattered ,

MISS Lillys 2nd birthday July 8th 2010

Miss Lilly Had such a Wonderful 2nd birthday!!! She was so Excited to wear her Tutu my dear friend Chrisitna made for her! Lilly got alot of Great Gifts like clothes Books Toys and more clothes which is always a good thing ;) So ya. My baby girl is sure growing up not so Little anymore ;( Im so Blessed to have Lilly as my daughter she a delight to have to our family and im so Glad im here mama!! Love u Beautiful Baby Girl!! Mamas lil Girl always and foever!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is my Brother Mark!! He such a Great Uncle to my 2 kids. Liam Lilly and Mark did so much together they would always hang out do fun stuff like go to the park or go on Bus Rides( Which Liam Loved to do) My Brother has been on his mission for about a month its seems so much longer then that its been hard having him gone hes my best friend and a Great Uncle to our kids too. I remember one day when Liam was going to hang out with his Uncle he came to me and said Mommie is Mark here yet and i said Soon the minute i say that here is Mark so Excited to pick up his Fav Nephew. These 3 had so many fun adventures together i know I will see my brother someday i just Want to say that im so blessed to have such a Wonderful brother in my life!! Couldnt of asked for a better one!! LOVE ya Mark!!! See ya in 2 years!!! Liam and Lilly Miss ya and so do i.
Liam and Miss Lilly love playing around in the Water!!! They are such Water babies that for sure!! I love seeing my kids have such a fun time in the Water its always fun hearing them laughing and giggling. Love my babies

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Only 6 Days tell Christmas!!!!! YA

6 Days tell Christmas!!! Ya its so Exciting!!! Hubbie and are so Looking forward to spending time with the kids and the Grandparents too!!! IT going to be a wonderful day!! Cant wait!! I hope all of u have a Beautiful Christmas Eve and Day!!! Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miss Lilly and her Baby Dolls

So the other day i had caught Miss Lilly playing in her crib with her baby Dolls she was reading to them and playing lil mommie it was so cute!! Made me think back when i had a few baby dolls and i would comb there hair and sing to them and told them my secrets aww to be young again. Its so cute how Lilly will hold her dolls and say Mommie baby and i just smile at her and she smiles back.

Count down begins 12 days to go

WOw!!! Cant Believe Christmas is almost here!! My kids are getting really excited about Christmas just the other day Liam and Lilly opened one of the gifts had to wrap it up again. I cant to spend time with my family and in-laws this Christmas its going to be fun!! It will be fun Seeing Lilly open gifts up too. I have alot of my shopping out of the way which is nice YAY!!! :) So ya! Guess the Count down on for Christmas!!Its 12 days Away!! wow!!! So Excited!!!


Liam loves taking pics

Liam loves taking pics

Liams Fav Uncle!!

Liams Fav Uncle!!